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Joining a group is simple and effective, all you need is register, and our professional administrator will do the rest. Join us, you are not alone!

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A group of 7 participants and a professional group facilitator

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Intimate groups, texting to discuss their challenges

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Recurring weekly meetings with a professional facilitator

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Meetings are held via text, and participants can choose to remain anonymous

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You are not alone

Coping with psoriasis or any other health struggle often presents emotional, mental or stressful challenges.
To address issues, share stories, give and receive support, 7Chairs have developed an innovative process designed to build personal strength and resilience when working through related difficulties. Focused on personal growth, 7Chairs weekly meetings offer a safe and anonymized communication platform, simultaneously bringing together the same small group of people at the same time and day.

Communication between participants takes place over text, establishing an intimate and long-term relationship with peers coping with similar issues in a structured and professionally facilitated group setting.  You gain emotional and social tools and develop long-term relationships.
You are not alone

Free Support tools

Dealing with a health challenge is a journey no one should face alone. Finding someone who really understands you and knows what you are going through is difficult. We are here for you.

Live Events & Webinars

Join our next Facebook Live session, hosted by Todd Bello and Shirley Sela-Venter. The two will discuss tools and tips for self resilience. Sunday 3PM est

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One on one call

Take advantage of our professional therapists, offering one on one calls FREE of charge. Simply leave us a note and we will set it up.

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Group Support

We invite you to connect with people, peers, all looking for support from a professional Group Facilitator that will take the recovery journey with you.

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Testimonials from our partners and our group members

Our Team

Irad Eichler

Co-founder & CEO

I lost my mother to Cancer. Watching her face the disease all by herself though surrounded by her family, made me decide no one in the world will ever have to face their life crisis feeling alone. We should stand together.

Gil Friedlander

Co-founder & President

After a successful career with high-tech companies, I reached a stage in life I want to make an impact and improve people’s lives. 7Chairs is exactly this place where we bring real support & care for all of us facing life challenges.

Shirley Sela-Venter

Head of Support

As a Psychotherapist and a Clinical Social Worker (MA), I proud to head Support Services at 7Chairs. I dedicate my life to help people. For the past 15 years, I have been working with chronically ill patients, and I feel privileged being able to do that.


By: Alisha Bridges, a patient advocate and a National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) renowned volunteer

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