Don't cope alone with the emotional aspects of dealing with Psoriasis. Join us for a weekly online group led by a professional group facilitator. 

Under about the group:

Psoriasis Resilience Tools support group. Connect with other people to share tools for healthy living. 

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"Psoriasis Resilience Tools"

Online Support Group

About The Group

Psoriasis Resilience Tools

Psoriasis Resilience Tools Support Group Connects with other patients to share tools for healthy living. Manage the emotional and social aspects of Psoriasis, in a safe space. Join us to acquire tools for living with Psoriasis.

Every Tuesday 9:00am-10:00am EST
3 Month-long group.

Fee: $20/Month

The Facilitator

Yohnit Spruch

Yohnit Spruch is a Social worker with over 15 years of experience working with individuals, families and groups. She has worked in social services, rehabilitation, hospitals and schools. She has experience working with mental illness, Alzheimer's support, depression, suicide prevention, bullying, trauma as well as teaching and training. Yohnit's passion is to provide support during challenging times that we all experience in life and to help people to take steps to empower themselves.


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